By: Kevin Hollohan

"A better way to move house" De-stress, declutter - and maybe even enjoy it

Tags: Moving Tips, Packing, Stress Free Moving

While grocery shopping last week, I came across a great magazine that was offered to me FREE! its called Sage - Natural living for you and your family. And while there are lots of great articles about health and lifestyle, there is an excellent article that I wanted to share with you on "A better way to move house" the article was broken down into 5 main tips on making your next move less stressful. Here are the main points:

1. Save the Environment- reuse and repurpose boxes, pack breakables in kitchen/hand towles etc
2. Save Your Body - boxes should not weigh more than 50lbs, allow plenty of time to pack and move
3. Save Your Mental Health - start planning, use an app or a good ole fashioned checklist to plan your move
4. Save (or Donate) Your Stuff - not everything will make it to the new house, sort as you go and donate if you can
5. Save the Kids - let your children make some decisions too, and get them to pack an "open me first" box so there is something exciting at the new house

"...make it an adventure, not a task" Article written by Vanessa Annand, available at the Atlantic Superstore

Moving can be stressfull, but with these tips and others, it can be done stress-free, or at least with minimal stress. I would love to hear all your tips and tricks from when you moved last. 

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